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Home Living

Smart living just got easier

Home from a long day? Want to just veg out on the couch and decompress from a busy day? No problem. We offer “Living Scenes” with our installs. A Living Scene is a scene that contains a combination of lights, audio/visual and any control devices such as thermostats or movie screens.

As far as your mind can dream we can create.

Shades of elegance—and efficiency

Have a room with a beautiful view? With Our automation solutions, it’s easy to leverage natural light to save energy.

Depending on time of day, automated shade control allows the room to be naturally illuminated during the day, using the sunlight as a source of heat, saving energy, while using overhead and lamp lighting at night. “Movie” and “Music” buttons can be used to set the perfect lighting, audio and video settings for instant entertainment. One press dims the lights, lowers the shades, and selects the correct audio and video settings to commence the movie of your choice.

Here is a video of our motion shades that are controlled by our system