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New OS Release

Control4 has released the 2.10.4 version of their operating system. This new release brings numerous bug fixes as well as some new features. For our customers, the biggest news is the addition of Amazon Music. From the release notes:

Amazon Music is now available as a native streaming service on Control4 and Triad Audio streaming products. Control4 customers with Amazon Prime memberships now have instant access to over 2 million songs with their Prime account. Alternately, customers can upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited (Individual or Family Plans available) for access to tens of millions of songs.Customers can browse and search through Amazon’s extensive library including pre-curated playlists, prime stations, new/popular tracks, and recommended content based on their listening history. Additionally, Amazon’s My Music section displays digital content purchased through Amazon as well as favorited playlists, artists, albums, tracks, and genres.


The new operating system also now allows an EA-1 controller to be a primary controller.  This allows us to add Control4 control to more rooms at a lower price because we can add a second room without customers having to update to an EA-3.   Additionally improved When >>> Then functionality has been added giving 4Sight subscribers more control over their own programming.  A new “Add Music” driver has also been added allowing end users to add and remove their own native music sources without having to contact a dealer.  Control4 continues to work to give the owner more independent control.


If you have any questions about these or other new features in the new operating system, please give us a call at 256-467-6314 and we can give you all the details as well as schedule an upgrade for your system.