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OS 3.3 and Core Controllers Released

Control4 has released the next generation of controllers called CORE –  CORE 1, CORE 3, and CORE 5 which are direct upgrades of the EA-1, EA-3, and EA-5.  Some of the enhancements include a new processor, more audio outputs (seven, yep seven, on the CORE 5), HDMI 2.0 output with 4K @ 60Hz, installer-friendly rack- and wall-mounting options.

They also add these features:

  • Fanless design for stealth operation
  • Better quality DACs for even more amazing high-resolution audio
  • Faster processors to give room to grow the Control4 Intelligent Platform

OS 3.3.0 supports the release of the new CORE Series Controllers, adds colorized lighting support.  There is now a native color wheel with end-user options for color controls, saving presets, and full-color scenes!

Contact us today about scheduling an upgrade to OS 3.3 and possibly an upgrade of your controller hardware as well!