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Control4 News

New Essential Lighting Products Available

  • Essential Wireless In-Wall Forward Phase Dimmer, 120V
  • Essential Wireless In-Wall Switch 120V/277V
  • Essential Wireless In-Wall Auxiliary Keypad
  • Plug-in Switch
  • Plug-in Dimmer

These are lower cost lighting products which can work with existing Control4 lighting.  These come in fewer colors, don’t have engraving available, and have less LED options on the device, but they come in at MUCH lower cost, and are great for lesser used areas or places where you don’t need engraving like closets or bathrooms.



The latest release of Smart Home OS 3 improves the speed and performance of camera thumbnail views on the T3 touch screens and Android mobile devices. This OS release also includes numerous bug fixes and enhancements including support for the aforementioned essential lighting products.


Google Nest Driver Update

Control4 has released a new Google Nest driver that uses a customer’s Google account (instead of a Nest account) to connect to their Nest Thermostats.  Customers with Nest can finally convert their accounts without breaking things!


For more information on these or other items, please give us a call at 256-467-6314!