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Control4 Authentication Issue

April 20, 2020 – Control4 tried to perform an upgrade on their system which authenticates different apps and APIs.  This includes all mobile apps, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa, among other systems.   They alerted us to an issue at about 11:25am CDT which was causing “degraded performance” including slowdowns with authentication attempts.  At 1:00pm CDT, they decided to roll back the upgrade because the issues were not going away.   As of 1:25pm CDT, they have informed us that the rollback is complete.   However, the issue will require users who tried to authenticate during the upgrade attempt will need to reauthenticate.  This means that customers will need to “Remove System” in Settings and re-enter credentials.   This is only needed if you are having trouble connecting to your system.

Update 7:30pm – We received some reports of issues starting about 30 minutes ago.  We reached out to Control4 and found out that they are attempting the authentication “upgrade” again.  It is causing issues with apps and other devices as it did before.  The https://customer.control4.com portal is also unavailable.  We do not have an estimated time to repair (ETR) but will post more information here as we find out.

Update 7:47pm – Control4 reports that the update again failed and that they have again rolled back the release.  We have tested and apps seem to be working OK after reauthenticating.

Update April 21 7:00am – Control4 reports: “

Update 4:30pm – Control4 update – “We continue to monitor and resolve connection issues with the mobile app. Dealers (Pros) and end-Customers who are effected by the outage will experience one or more of the following:

  •  Control4 Mobile App Connections will result in a 401 error code, “Unable to Connect”. This is resolved through re-authenticating via the Mobile App login screen.
  • Control4 Mobile App Connects successfully. However, Intercom Anywhere returns a ‘failed wait state’ error message. SnapAV/Control4 engineers will resolve this shortly (within an hour of this update) by pushing a minor Controller update. Controller restarts will resolve this issue but are not required.”

Update 5:20pm – Control4 says the issue is now resolved and that there is no need to restart controllers at this stage.  They will be monitoring the system as controllers check in over the next 2 hours.


We will post additional updates here as we have them. Additional updates can be found at https://status.control4.com/

If you have any questions, please contact us at 256-467-6314 or email support@nsaautomation.com.