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Control4 OS2.10 Available

Control4 has released their newest major OS release – 2.10.   This OS features many “under-the-hood” improvements as well as some new features for Control4 owners.  Some of the highlights are outlined below.  Please contact us at 256-467-6314 if you would like more information on these features or to schedule an upgrade.


Enhanced Camera Views

All-new camera views make it easier to check security cameras with full-screen video and intuitive pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) controls for both the on-screen interface and touch screens.

  • Full-screen camera view
  • PTZ on touch screens
  • Gestures to switch cameras

Camera Page Jump

Now you can show any camera view on a touch screen or on screen display with simple programming!

Return to Home

With OS 2.10, a touch screen can be configured to automatically return to the correct room after a period of time. The timeout is homeowner configured, so you can adjust the delay as you see fit.

Improved Audio Announcements

The magic of combining automation and multi-room audio is the ability to leverage the speakers throughout the home for things like announcements and the doorbell. In the past, the challenge has been the delay between the button press and the amp turning on. With the new Triad 8-Zone Power Amplifier and a combination of a built-in trigger and faster announcement start times, homeowners can get more from their multi-room audio with announcements.

Expanded 4Sight and When>>Then

Hands-on Homeowner Personalization

Homeowners have always wanted the ability to tweak and fine-tune their own system without calling a dealer. It’s been at the top of requests for a very long time. With When >> Then, customers interested in making adjustments to their home automation now have the capability to do so.

With only a few clicks, a homeowner can tie a keypad button to a playlist, create a custom push notification, and adjust the schedule for their smart lighting. The options are only limited by the types of products installed in the home.

The Concept Is Simple, Yet Powerful

When something happens, Then do something. When >> Then has been designed to make it easy for homeowners to tweak and fine-tune the automation in their home.

  • 1. Login at customer.control4.com
  • 2. Create a New Automation
  • 3. Select a When Event
  • 4. Choose a Then Action
  • 5. Dealer Programming is Locked


There is also support for much more including native support for new music sources including iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, and Spotify Connect.   These don’t actually require an upgrade to 2.10 to use.  Another “coming soon” release is a new app which will allow customers to use their mobile phones to directly call T3 Touchscreens and to receive calls from Doorstations – even while outside the home!