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SiriusXM Driver Now Available


We are pleased to announce that SiriusXM is now available as a built-in streaming service for systems running Control4 OS 2.10. The SiriusXM driver can be found within Composer Pro.


How many streams can I play per SiriusXM account?
A: SiriusXM permits only one stream per account.

How many SiriusXM streams can I play per driver?
A: Only one stream can play at a time with the SiriusXM driver. If you need multiple independent streams, it will require multiple SiriusXM drivers, each with their own unique login.

Does Control4’s SiriusXM driver support SiriusXM for business?
A: Yes it does!

Why aren’t SiriusXM favorites showing up when I log in using the Control4 driver?
A: You must set up at least one favorite using the SiriusXM mobile app or the Listen Online player on the SiriusXM website to enable favorites in Control4.

Why do SiriusXM stations stop after they’ve been playing for about four hours?
A:  All SiriusXM stations have a timeout period of four hours. Five minutes before a timeout, Control4 pops up a message with the option to continue listening. If a Control4 navigator is not on or visible by the end user, the stream will stop. By starting SiriusXM again, the four-hour time period will restart. SiriusXM for Business does not have this restriction. Note: This timeout period is subject to change per SiriusXM.

Do SiriusXM favorites show up in stations, Wake Up agent, and programming?
A:  Yes, favorites are selectable for all of these.