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Control4 Releases 3.1.3

The latest release of OS 3 introduces a major update to the Access agent, giving customers more control over who can access Control4 systems through touchscreens and on-screen television interfaces. This release also enables automatic updates for T3 touch screens and on-screen TV interfaces, without the need to update the OS.



Whether a touch screen is installed in a child’s bedroom, sports bar, or boardroom, sometimes you want to limit access to certain individuals, or let everyone have access to just a few things. The new capabilities in the Access agent, together with the Identity and UI Configuration agents, let you define the level of access users get on individual touch screens and on-screen television interfaces.

  • The touch screen in the child’s bedroom limited to just Favorites
  • The guest bedroom television interface only controls their room
  • In a sports bar or board room employees can access some screens, management can access all
  • UI elements can be unlocked, locked, and many can even be hidden
  • Manually lock screens whenever you want, or screens can lock automatically


With the introduction of the Neeo Remote Control4 simplified the way you upgrade smart home products. As Neeo software updates are released, they are pushed automatically to customers without the need to update the project’s OS. Starting with release 3.1.3, this capability is now supported in Control4 T3 touch screens and on-screen TV interfaces. Systems running release 3.1.3 will automatically get new graphical elements on Neeo, the on-screen TV interface, and touch screens. Each software release will be thoroughly tested before it is released.


To schedule an update to 3.1.3, give us a call at 256-467-6314 or email support@nsaautomation.com!