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Streaming Music Changes

In recent months, there have been changes in both Control4 customer experience and the integration experience of digital music services and products that integrate with Control4 automation and control systems.

Changes that are Impacting the Control4 Customer Experience

Recently, Sonos provided a new version of software and began auto-updating installed Sonos products. These updates include changes to account authentication and music playback interaction required by Spotify and Amazon Music. These changes will disable end user access to Spotify and Amazon Music services through the legacy Control4-Sonos driver. Currently, other music services supported by the legacy driver continue to function; however Control4 cannot predict future operability indefinitely because such support is controlled by Sonos or the music service providers.

The new Control4-Sonos driver, which adheres to the technical and business guidelines from Sonos, enables Spotify and Amazon Music playback as well as many other music services but with a new and comparatively limited user experience through Control4 interfaces. This new authorized driver is available now and recommended for all new Sonos installations and for updating existing installations.

Effective January 1, 2017 the legacy Control4-Sonos driver will be removed from the Driver Database as future software updates from Sonos may introduce incompatibilities with other music services. The new authorized driver is now the only approved and supported mechanism for integration between Control4 and Sonos. If you have Sonos and are experiencing issues please contact us immediately.